How I find Inspiration

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I’m often asked personal questions, like what inspires me, and how I became a photographer? I thought it would be fun to start using this space not only to share my work but to also share a little bit about myself and the steps I took to become a professional photographer. Recently, someone asked me how I stay inspired when I’m constantly having to be creative on a daily basis. I thought it’d be fun to share some of my personal tricks that help stimulate the right side of my brain.



-At least once a week I find myself on a “Barnes and Noble” date with Andre. For those of you that don’t know, Andre is my boyfriend, who also doubles as my photo assistant on most shoots. We spend hours flipping through editorial magazines, trying to find inspiration for the week that follows. I often write down the name of photographers I’ve never heard of before then rush home after our dates to google their portfolios. I love discovering new-to-me photographers. They constantly inspire me to be a better photographer!


-Taking a couple hours out of my day (twice a week) to sit at a coffee shop with my ipad and go through Pinterest. Some of the search words that always work for me: flamingos, kissing, editorial, smoke, sunshine, color, Hollywood, sky, candy, and yellow. What can I say? These are the things that get me excited to work!


-I’m always paying attention to anything that stands out—this usually means color walls and fashion billboards. This is probably why the Sunset Strip inspires me beyond belief!


-Writing down my ideas and organizing them so I can look at them on a daily basis without feeling too overwhelmed. This also means I carry a notebook with me at all times.


-People, friends, fellow creatives! I’m lucky to surround myself with creative people everyday and our conversations never get dull. We are always helping each other in the industry, comparing jobs, clients and creative ideas.


Whether you’re a photographer, a blogger, or a stay-at-home mom, how do you keep your head spinning with new creative ideas?

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  • Ana Kamin

    I love the idea of spending some time at the book store. Me and my husband used to do that too, but somehow we stopped. I also love spending time in the nature and farmers markets, ideas just pop into my head at these places. For me the more challenging part is how to keep track of all the ideas and inspiration! Looking forward to more posts like this one! Cheers, Ana

    • kimberlygenevieve

      Thanks, Ana! I tend to keep track of all my ideas & inspiration by pinning to our bedroom room wall. It’s so crazy, but I like seeing it first thing in the morning. It gets me excited for the day!!