Enjoying A Cup of Joe At Bar Nine Collective

Bar Nine Collective is a hip new cafe in the heart of Culver City. The space is incredible, with great natural light and an inviting open floorplan. It was really fun capturing the owners in their element. We got to try espresso, iced coffee and their non dairy hazelnut lattes—which was definitely my favorite! While you wait for your brew, you get to watch the whole process from pulling the espresso shots to steaming the milk. In addition to coffee they offer a variety of sweet treats, which I will be back to try. Fun tip, the outdoor space has crates to sit on instead of chairs which I loved!  Be sure to check them out the next time you are in Culver City!













The Charm of New Orleans

There’s something so special about New Orleans—it’s both haunting and quite charming. It’s old and spooky but also holds a special place in my heart because there really is nothing quite like it. We stayed at Dauphine Orleans Hotel located directly in the heart of the city, the French Quarter. If you’re going to stay in New Orleans for a few days, then I’d highly recommend experiencing the magic that is the French Quarter. Although our hotel was beautiful and charming and everything I expected, I’m pretty sure it was also haunted. I know that sounds weird, but it’s completely normal in that city. Thankfully, it wasn’t haunted by any bad spirits. ;) If you’re an early riser, walking the streets of the French Quarter is truly peaceful because everyone in NOLA seems to sleep in late. It was the perfect time to photograph around our hotel’s neighborhood.





We had such an incredible time, it’s hard to pick just one favorite highlight. We browsed the book collection at Faulkner House Books (it was once an apartment building where Faulkner wrote some of his most famous work). I then got to stand below the balcony where “A Street Car Named Desire” was written! Keeping up with New Orleans tradition, Andre and I enjoyed morning coffee & beignets at the world famous “Cafe du Monde”. For fun, we got our cards read at Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo (kind of spooky but worth checking out!)







You also can’t go to New Orleans without talking about the food! We had crab cakes & lobster meat salads at The Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar & Bistro, cocktails and fried plantains from Cane & Table and brunch at The Court of Two Sisters! We enjoyed mufelleta’s (New Orleans’ food staple) from Butcher and MONSTER donuts and sliders from District on Magazine Street. And one of my favorites, a ” Cola Cocktail ” from HiVolt which consisted of a double shot of espresso poured into a Mexican Coke. This drink kept me jazzed the entire day, haha!









Also, be sure to take an afternoon to walk around the Garden District! The highlights from the Garden District included a quick coffee granita at Still Perkin’, standing in front of the house from Benjamin Button on Coliseum Street, and a visit to gothic fiction novelist, Anne Rice’s home. While there you can also visit Miss Robichaux’s Academy  from American Horror Story and New Orleans’ famous Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 (you may remember this cemetery from Double Jeopardy)! No matter where you go, there’s always something to do in the vibrant city of New Orleans!







Jourdan And The Technicolor Dream Jacket

Sometimes a studio shoot can revolve around an amazing piece of clothing. It also doesn’t hurt to have an incredible model to show off the fabulous item. This is the first of two Zara inspired posts featuring America’s Next Top Model winner Jourdan Miller. This girl is such a natural in front of the camera, I was in complete awe of her. It’s not often I get to just hang out behind the lens and watch someone in full action. Usually, I have to give some sort of direction, but Jourdan was just AMAZING and I just kept photographing. Her neutral color palette were the perfect backdrop for this bold jacket creating the perfect POP of color. See the fun we had below!





Model: Jourdan Miller

Agency: NEXT Management

Hair: Jenny Calderon

Makeup: Nicole Wittman

Stylist: Lenny Rose



In Hollywood With Vivianne

I was lucky enough to photograph my dear friend, Vivianne Lapointe for Whil—where you can learn more about how she de-stresses in 30 seconds! She is the editor-in-chief of Los Angeles based Live Fast Mag, an ultra cool online publication.We met with Vivianne one morning outside of her beautiful home in Hollywood. I absolutely love photographing my creative friends because they continuously inspire me. Just being surrounded by them helps me stay creative!



In Nature with Celestine of Wilder Quarterly

This is the lovely Celestine Maddy, founder of Wilder Quarterly, a magazine for those that love nature. We met Celestine at her beautiful home in Venice Beach. I had the pleasure of photographing Ms. Maddy for Whil, where you can learn even more about her in 60 seconds! The below portraits are two of my favorites from our shoot together—she has the most beautiful facial features it was so easy to photograph her!





How I find Inspiration

I’m often asked personal questions, like what inspires me, and how I became a photographer? I thought it would be fun to start using this space not only to share my work but to also share a little bit about myself and the steps I took to become a professional photographer. Recently, someone asked me how I stay inspired when I’m constantly having to be creative on a daily basis. I thought it’d be fun to share some of my personal tricks that help stimulate the right side of my brain.



-At least once a week I find myself on a “Barnes and Noble” date with Andre. For those of you that don’t know, Andre is my boyfriend, who also doubles as my photo assistant on most shoots. We spend hours flipping through editorial magazines, trying to find inspiration for the week that follows. I often write down the name of photographers I’ve never heard of before then rush home after our dates to google their portfolios. I love discovering new-to-me photographers. They constantly inspire me to be a better photographer!


-Taking a couple hours out of my day (twice a week) to sit at a coffee shop with my ipad and go through Pinterest. Some of the search words that always work for me: flamingos, kissing, editorial, smoke, sunshine, color, Hollywood, sky, candy, and yellow. What can I say? These are the things that get me excited to work!


-I’m always paying attention to anything that stands out—this usually means color walls and fashion billboards. This is probably why the Sunset Strip inspires me beyond belief!


-Writing down my ideas and organizing them so I can look at them on a daily basis without feeling too overwhelmed. This also means I carry a notebook with me at all times.


-People, friends, fellow creatives! I’m lucky to surround myself with creative people everyday and our conversations never get dull. We are always helping each other in the industry, comparing jobs, clients and creative ideas.


Whether you’re a photographer, a blogger, or a stay-at-home mom, how do you keep your head spinning with new creative ideas?

Models in a Parking Garage

What do you do when you are in the middle of a portrait session and they shut down the studio? You take it to the nearest parking garage! The beautiful Allegra and I didn’t let an unexpected event deter us from having a blast! We made our surroundings the perfect studio for the night. The stark walls and lighting made for the perfect shadows to play with and Allegra’s expressions say it all!




Model: Allegra

Agency: NEXT Management

Stylist: Lenny Rose

Makeup: Tanya Bures

Hair: Jenny Calderon

An Evening with Chef Curtis Stone

Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I feel so blessed to be able to photograph some of the coolest people in LA. I had the pleasure of photographing Curtis Stone for Daily Candy at his new restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills. For those of you that don’t know, Curtis Stone is an incredible chef and TV personality. He was so much fun to photograph and had a total blast! It’s easy to do your job when you have such an incredible subject!



A Pop of Pink

You may remember first meeting Nicola, the South African beauty, from my portrait session here. While those pictures were calming and serene, I was really excited to punch it up with showing a brighter side to the photoshoot. A bright pink wall was the perfect complement to Nicola’s color blocked shirt and her playful personality.




Rock and Roll Chic with Thomas Wylde

Chic California brand Thomas Wylde merges vintage rock and roll toughness with modern touches. I had so much fun photographing the uber cool Paula Thomas, creative director and designer of Thomas Wylde, for Daily Candy.  Thomas showed us around her hip studio as we capture the unique space and latest designs. In addition to her latest collection, Paula styled Cameron Diaz for her new movie, The Counselor. She describes the look of Diaz’s character as much darker and the clothes added to that attitude. Fun fact: Paula kept sunglasses on for the whole shoot, which I thought was incredibly cool!