Artist In Focus: Justin Hulsey
Personal Work, Portrait

“You can only hold things in for so long and then it’ll be like one little thing, like something somebody says - a line in a movie or a song, and it just opens the wound and it all comes flowing out you know. You can be that fragile when you keep everything so tight inside.”

Words and photographs from a conversation I had with singer-songwriter Justin Hulsey while filming a new short documentary. It’s the perfect reminder that releasing also means healing, and the less you have to carry, the more free you’ll be.

Short Film, Personal

We spontaneously shot this early one morning in Malibu. An idea that formed into a film about a woman who feels stuck in the past but has a strong desire to move forward. Thank you so much to my friend Devon Barnes who always seems to transform into exactly what I’m thinking and feeling and to John Bowers for mixing the music & v/o, and to my partner Andre for helping me shoot. This is ‘Memories.’

Roadbook - Los Angeles
Motion, Editorial, Travel

I was tasked by Roadbook, a new digital platform for creative travelers, to capture a slice of LA life. I’m so happy with how this film turned out. The music and the images take me back to what it felt like watching ‘90210’ for the first time in the 90s.

New York Times - Hillary Simms
Editorial, Portrait

I photographed trombonist, Hillary Simms for the New York Times — she’s the first woman to become a member of the American Brass Quintet and she also happens to be a fellow Canadian.

Mini Magazine - Stassi Schroeder
Editorial, Portrait

Spent a gloomy morning in the Hollywood Hills with Stassi Schroeder and her daughter Hartford for the cover of Mini Magazine.


Though my work has often been brighter and more commercial, I’ve always been a bit moody and melancholy on the inside. For a long time, I felt like I couldn’t express that side of me. I learned early on to only show emotions that were considered “acceptable” or “okay”— I won’t go into details as to why or how that happened— but what I will say is that I’m feeling much more at home lately, embracing qualities in myself i’d long pushed away.

A few moments with Devon right before we shot a moody little film together called “Memories.”

Small Business, Editorial, Portraits

I'm sharing past and present portraits since I've been shooting lots of people these days - helping them update their websites and launch new businesses.

After years of working mostly in the commercial world, it's been so nice to connect one-on-one with people - and get to know their accomplishments and their flaws— their history— anything to get underneath the surface of why they do what they do and the catalyst that led them to create a business and pursue their dreams in the first place.

That's what I'm searching for when I'm shooting— more of what's behind that beautiful smile - the good, the bad, and often the ugly experiences that led to this place. In the past, I always tried my best to remain a fly on the wall, allowing people the space to be themselves - but lately, when I'm shooting, I can't help but feel like we're meeting for a reason, and we're helping one another get to that next place in our lives.

Here's to all the beautiful people I've met and worked with and to the fresh faces whose stories I can't wait to hear!

Personal, Short Film

Being able to unpack and talk about what happened to you is the first ‘Layer’ of healing. When you open up and begin to have your feelings and experiences validated, you truly have the ability to free yourself.

Last year, I got to work closely with Moe Stuck and other artists to create a film called Layers. Layers is a reflection on the impact of childhood and the journey to uncover one’s true self.

No matter what you see on the outside, we all have internal struggles and experiences we’ve pushed away because we were too afraid to confront them. And the hurt we’ve experienced in the past often leaves wounds that change the way we see the world and ourselves.

If you are struggling to speak up right now, I hope this reminds you that you’re not alone in how you think or feel, even though it often feels that way. So much relief and freedom can be found in opening up and giving your feelings a voice rather than keeping things bottled up inside. I hope it can inspire you to share your experiences or seek the help you need because it’s only through being able to talk about what happened to you that you now have the ability to free yourself from it.

written/directed by: Kimberly Genevieve
starring & v/o: Moe Stuck
cinematography: Billy Furguson & Jimmy Jimes
stylist: Kait Lusk 
hair & makeup: Jaclyn Lopez 
editor: Kimberly Genevieve
colorist: Michael Schatz at RKM Studios
sound design: John Bowers 
producer: A. Thomas
executive producer: Skylar Bartlett

Art of Vieve
Print Shop, Personal

Introducing my new project, Art of Vieve - a limited-edition fine Art gallery full of sunshine, palm trees, clouds, and much much more!



I feel like I've been tucked away for months working on my new project, Art of Vieve. I love the creative process so much. When inspiration and new ideas kick in, I'm a willing participant. I seem to turn everything over to the idea while the rest of the world seems to slowly fade into the distance- sometimes even disappear. But now that the foundation has been laid, I'm slowly coming out of my cave again and back into the "real" world. Hello, again.

Mikaela Mayer
Editorial, Portrait

These are the photo assignments that fill me up the most — when you get to step into someone else’s world and truly experience what a day in their life looks and feels like. This is professional boxer Mikaela Mayer training at Maywood Boxing in Los Angeles.

Motion, Advertising, Lifestyle

I directed six films for Toyota. Here's one of my other favorites— Musical Chairs

Motion, Advertising, Lifestyle

I directed six films for Toyota. Here's one of my favorites— day date

Advertising, Lifestyle

Some new work I shot for Toyota featuring the Toyota Apex and friends.

Ashley Tisdale x Mini Magazine
Editorial, Portrait 

We got to work closely with the beautiful Ashley Tisdale for the Fall Mini Magazine cover story. She was so open and confident throughout the shoot, making it easy for us to capture various emotions and expressions during our short time together. I love how honest these photos feel and how effortless Ashley was in front of the camera.

Personal, Editorial 

Some projects take a whole lot of time and effort to make. You have to write your thoughts down, plan out the shots & angles, shoot all the scenes you have in mind then you cut & edit, cut & edit, cut & edit until it feels just about right. Then you record voice and sound, and color grade the whole thing. It's a long process made up of passion and frustration, but the truth is, you wouldn't invest so much time and energy if it wasn't something so meaningful and personal. Here are some photos from my short film, Layers.

Layers / BTS
Personal, BTS 

Being on set is such a beautiful & collaborative experience— it’s about coming together to create and bring something new to life! It’s amazing how an idea can bring so many people together, and that one idea has the ability to ripple onto others as well. I love being on set, maybe more than anything else that I do. And though anxiety and nerves are often at an all-time high, it’s the one thing I seem to love and be good at— bringing a group of talented and creative people together and making something unique come alive! I’m so grateful for this day, this chapter, and these wonderful people.

Acana Pet Food
Advertising, Lifestyle

What a pleasure it was to photograph dogs and their humans for the new Acana pet food campaign. We humans really are the luckiest that we get to live in a world with so many dogs! They’re such loving and honest creatures— full of life and unconditional love! Sometimes I wonder if we even deserve them…

Morgan Stewart McGraw / Mini Magazine
Editorial, Portrait

Cover shoot for Mini Magazine featuring the stunning Morgan Stewart McGraw & styled by the cover girl herself. Morgan was an absolute joy to capture— she’s so fun and quick-witted and kept us laughing and smiling the whole time.

British Airways Magazine x Palm Springs
Editorial, Architecture

I was in Palm Springs recently shooting a story for British Airways featuring some of the film locations for Don't Worry Darling. When I was shooting the story, I didn't realize that this movie would become such a hot topic in the news, haha! We had a great time exploring locations we've never been to, like The Frey House II, Sunnylands, The Dinah Shore Estate, and Twin Palms, Frank Sinatra's estate.

David Yurman
Advertising, Portrait

So often, as image-makers, we find ourselves overthinking and over-analyzing everything we shoot. We tend to sway our subjects in one direction, almost forgetting that capturing images is truly a collaborative process. As I get older, I've realized that leaving space between myself, the subject, and the camera is ultimately one of the secrets to capturing more honest and truthful work. This is an artist profile on Geronimo, photographed for David Yurman's "Paint the Town" campaign.

Los Angeles Tourism Board
Advertising, Lifestyle

A mom with her two boys shot for Los Angeles Tourism Board